Submission to the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan consultation

Friends of the Highgate Bowl has sent in a response to the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan consultation. It covers the contribution we see the Bowl making to the future of Highgate. Read our submission below:

I am commenting as he Chairman of the Friends of the Highgate Bowl, the charity set up to purchase open land in the Bowl with the intention of keeping it as open land and to use it as an environmental learning centre for the local community with links to schools and also adult training in horticulture and local ecology.

The plan’s policy (KA3) does not commit strongly enough to keeping the current open land in the Bowl as open space. It is too focused on development opportunities in (we hope) other areas of the Bowl and while talking about footpaths and protecting the SINC designation which refers to a particular, more narrowly defined area, it does not categorically talk of preserving the open land. This should be included as one of the bullet points. – Martin Adeney