Haringey site allocation plan includes Highgate Bowl

This Site Allocations DPD (PDF, 9MB) sets out sites where Haringey council expects significant developments to happen between now and 2026, along with a broad idea of what kind of buildings could be built there.

The plan suggests that Highgate Bowl should be zoned as significant local open land (SLOL), which is great news for us.

These significant developments aim to help meet Haringey’s housing demand and create new employment space and jobs, as well as taking advantage of huge infrastructure improvements like Crossrail 2. The sites were selected from previously published planning strategies, responses to consultations, analysing updated data, and meetings with other public sector bodies

By being included in this document, it does not mean that development will definitely happen – it simply means the council believes that new buildings could be built on those pieces of land to meet the long-term needs of the borough. Any proposals would be subject to the normal planning process and public consultation.

View our response to the Haringey site allocation plan.