About us

The Friends of the Highgate Bowl, originally formed in May 2014, became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in November 2014. It has four trustees, all residents of Highgate.

The trustees are Martin Adeney (Chair), Maggy Meade-King, Monica Martini and Elizabeth Millar.

We are supported by a range of local organisations, including the Highgate Society, the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum, the Highgate Conservation Area Consultative Committee and the Harington Scheme.

Our objectives, as set out in our constitution, are:

  • To promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of the Bowl, maintaining its historic open aspect for the public benefit.
  • To advance education for the public benefit in the subject of the Bowl, including its flora and fauna, in particular for local schoolchildren and adults in the Highgate and surrounding areas, through structured training and participation in horticultural activities and ecological study.
  • To provide an open area within the Bowl with substantial public access for the purposes of providing recreation and leisure-time occupation for the benefit of the public in the local community in Highgate and its surrounding neighbourhoods in the interest of social welfare.
  • For the public benefit to advance education, relieve need and promote the relief of unemployment for people with learning or physical disabilities by providing supplementary and complementary horticultural opportunities, at the discretion of the Trustees, for people enrolled in the Harington Scheme (registered charity No 279376), which is situated in the Bowl.

Read our annual report.